Grants for Level 6 and Level 7 Programmes
If your course is a Higher Certificate course or an Ordinary Bachelor Degree course then your scheme is the Third Level Maintenance (TLT) Grant Scheme for Trainees.

Payment Schedule
Students who applied through SUSI and current students in GMIT will be paid in monthly instalments in arrears over 36 weeks.

The onus is on the student to ensure they have submitted their bank account details to allow for their monthly grant payments. The Bank Account Details form will be posted shortly.

The grant payments will be paid directly into the student’s bank account on the following dates:

Payment Date Paid into Bank Account
Payment 1 17th October 2014
Payment 2

14th November 2014

Payment 3 19th December 2014
Payment 4 16th January 2015
Payment 5 13th February 2015
Payment 6 13th March 2015
Payment 7 17th April 2015
Payment 8

15th May 2015

Payment 9 19th June 2015

Please Note: It can take up to three working days for the payment to be lodged to the students account. All payments are made subject to your attendance at class.

Grants for Level 8 Programmes
If your course is an Honours Bachelor Degree course then your scheme is the Higher Education Grants Scheme. Tuition Fees are paid directly by the Local Authority to the College.

If you are a Continuing student, you will continue to receive your maintenance grant in the normal way (either directly into your bank account or by cheque collection). For students attending at Galway these cheques are signed out by staff from the Office of Academic Affairs to the students each term.

As the cheques are received by the Office of Academic Affairs, a notice is posted and students can arrange to collect their cheques.

Students attending at Castlebar and Letterfrack should check with staff at their respective campuses as to how scholarship cheques will be issued.

If you are a New student or have Changed Course you must apply to SUSI for a student grant. All payments (Levels 6/7/8) under this scheme will be paid directly into your bank account on a monthly basis.

Please note that all grant payments are based on class attendance.

For more information on Grants, please see the following links: