Innovation in Business Centres (IiBC)

Two centres in Galway and Castlebar, offering incubation facilities and support to entrepreneurs and start-up companies

The Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, in fulfillment of one of the key objectives identified in our Strategic Plan 2013-2016, opened two Innovation in Business Centres (IiBC) in late 2005 and mid 2006.

These Innovation Centres were established with the support of Enterprise Ireland, and have a twofold objective; to support and facilitate the emergence of new market-led and knowledge-based companies in the region and, forge strategic links between the college and the world of industry and commerce.

The Innovation in Business Centres at GMIT Castlebar and Galway will offer incubation facilities and a supportive environment to potential entrepreneurs to assist them in taking their ideas from concept to full commercialisation.

The IiBC enables companies to work in a secure, innovative, entrepreneurial environment as they progress through the various stages of a new company start-up.

A range of business development supports are available for client companies such as financial, legal, sales, marketing and export development including mentoring and networking facilities.

Since starting up a business can be such a challenge for most, a business incubation facility is often necessary to help nurture young companies in those first few years until they have established themselves with products or services in an international setting.

The Innovation Centres also acknowledge the support of Bank of Ireland and the Mayo Industries Group.

Aim of Innovation Centres

  • Increase number of high potential start-ups
  • Improve early stage survival rates
  • Accelerate company / job growth
  • Enhance links with GMIT and SMEs / MNCs

IiBC Benefits for Start-up Companies

  • Incubation space for company start-up
  • Desk space for individuals researching a concept or idea
  • Business Development Supports such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Intellectual Property
  • Mentoring, Networking, Legal, Export Development
  • Access to research capability
  • Access to graduates and postgraduates

Potential Clients
Individuals with innovative ideas.

The Programme is open to all GMIT graduates and to all 2014 current final year undergraduate and postgraduate students of a GMIT accredited course or module.  It encourages you to develop and bring your idea to the marketplace and awards those who demonstrate innovative and entrepreneurial flair that is vital for Ireland’s economic success.

The supports that are awarded to those who are successful participants on the Programme include:

  • Four months Virtual Incubation Support in the Innovation Centre
  • Broadband availability
  • Mentoring
  • Brainstorming of idea or concept
  • Workshop/Business Development Supports
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to fax, printing, photocopying
  • Use of boardroom facility
  • Access to research capability in GMIT

The date has now been extended for submission of application forms to Friday, 18th July. Please email your completed application form to Trisha Carrick. You will be contacted shortly afterwards regarding a short-list of successful applicants.  

Read the Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme 2014 brochure.

Microsoft® has an exciting new programme specifically designed to provide early stage start-ups like yours with software, support, and visibility to help ignite your success.  The programme, called BizSpark™ provides access to:

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Visibility: Through BizSpark, you’ll have the opportunity to achieve a global visibility to an audience of potential investors, clients and partners.

Eligibility requirements are minimal:  If you’re a privately held company building a software-based product or service (even using open source code), in business for fewer than three years, and will less than USD$1M in annual revenue, you’re in!

To join BizSpark, you must be sponsored by a BizSpark Network Partner, such as the Innovation in Business Centre Galway and Castlebar (IiBC Galway and IiBC Castlebar).  You will find more programme details here:  When you are ready to sign up, contact Mr. George McCourt, Manager IiBC Galway or Maria Staunton, Manager IiBC Castlebar about sponsorship and get your enrolment code.  Client companies in IiBC Galway and Castlebar are entitled to free access to this programme!

Once you have your enrolment code, joining BizSpark is fast and easy.  No payment or credit card information is required, and there are no up front costs.  (Microsoft will assess a USD$100 programme offering fee at the end of participation in the programme, or at the end of three years, whichever comes first).

Get your startup fired up!  Visit the Microsoft Start-up Zone at the above link to learn more!

Welcome to our summer edition of the Innovation in Business Centres’ Galway and Castlebar (IiBC) eNewsletter! In this edition, we highlight the successes from the GMIT Technology Incubators at Galway and Castlebar.

GMIT IiBC eNewsletter(PDF)

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Innovation in Business Centre, Castlebar
GMIT Castlebar,
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Innovation in Business Centre, Galway
GMIT Galway,
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New Frontiers Programme Manager
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