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Tara Dalrymple - Feelsright

Name of Promoter:  Tara Dalrymple

Company Name:  Feelsright

Contact Details:
Phone:  +353 (0) 1 514 3401
Twitter:  feelsrightirl

Description of Company:  Feelsright is for innovative companies that put the happiness at the heart of their business, and recognise that external factors negatively affect employee performance and are willing and interested to solve the problem unlike other traditional in house systems.  Feelsright harnesses the power of the community to get things done by leveraging the latest social, mobile and location based technologies to bring communities together to get things done. This is a movement to make more efficient use of goods and services through P2P networking. In our case, that includes users offering up their time and skills to complete tasks that others are unable to do or would rather not do.