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Advanced Excel 2016

General Interest Course - Information Technology

Why Study?: 

This module seeks to enhance the knowledge and use of spreadsheets for any information workers allowing them to independently develop data models, do calculations and create reports.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Get acquainted and comfortable using Excel 2016’s spreadsheet capabilities to enable problem solving
  • Use spreadsheets to automate business processes 
  • Summarise and manipulate data using pivot tables and charts
  • Import, summarise and manipulate large data sets using Power Pivot data analysis tools
  • Demonstrate Business Intelligence features and capabilities in Excel 2016, PivotTables and Power Pivot.


• Excel formulas
• Data and Data Validation
• Developer Tab – Form Controls and Macros
• Protection
• Pivot tables and charts
• Power Pivot Tab
   ° Importing data
   ° Relationships between imported data
   ° Calculated columns
   ° Reports
   ° Analyse data
   ° Slicers

Other Essential Information: 

Duration:        3 hrs/week for 10 weeks
Time:              6.30-9.30pm/Mondays – Semester I
Fee:                €320
Start Date:     Monday 25th September 2017



Discipline: Computing

Location: Mayo

Category: General Interest


Lifelong Learning Office, GMIT Mayo

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