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Digital Media (Level 6)

5 Credit, Single Subject Module, Level 6

Why Study?: 

An introductory module focussing upon the integration of digital media skills within the contemporary fine art environment.

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Demonstrate the ability to develop, transform, and critically evaluate an original idea, across a range of digital processes.
  2. Display clear evidence of the ability to balance imagination and technology in the development of innovative artistic outcomes.
  3. Communicate and co-ordinate clearly with others in a problem solving context, in order to create simple moving-image sequences.
  4. Demonstrate an awareness of the wide range of media processes which constitute contemporary artistic practice.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the digital image/object and that which it depicts.


Screenings of selected media artworks.

  • Slideshows of historical and contemporary work in the art establishment
  • Practical workshops in digital imaging with Adobe Photoshop: acquisition of sources/aesthetic transformation (colour, tone and use of filters)/scaling for applications and file formats/the use of paths and selections/layer-based compositing/preparation and output.
  • Practical workshops in basic animation techniques with Adobe Flash: importing assets/stage, timeline, and properties workflows/frame composition, time, and tweening/testing and output.
  • Principles of studio-production: planning, work-flow, structuring of expression and integration of sources, time-management.
  • On-going studio activity and tutorials towards the completion of practical projects for assessment, in the form of both discrete video-animation and digital stills output.

Other Essential Information: 

Duration:            3 Hours
Time:                  6.30-9.30/Tuesdays - Semester I
Start date:          Tuesday 12th September 2017



Discipline: Creative Arts and Media

Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 6

Category: Single Subject


Lifelong Learning Office, GMIT Mayo

Phone: + 353 (0)94 904 3156


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