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Revolution and Republic: Irish History in the Twentieth Century (Level 6)

Level 6, Semester I, 3 Credits

Why Study?: 

The aim of this module is to provide a detailed synthesis of Ireland’s history from the beginning of the twentieth century until the establishment of the Irish Republic in 1949.

The module will look at developments of the period in their social, cultural and economic contexts as well as in their political context.

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Describe of the main phases of Irish history in the twentieth century.
  2. Examine the influence of human activities: social, economic, political, cultural and religious on Ireland’s past.
  3. Examine Irish history from different perspectives.
  4. Debate the legacy of relevant historical periods.


  • Cultural Nationalism 1890-1914
  • Home Rule 1891-1914
  • Sinn Fein
  • The Labour Movement
  • The I.R.B.1867-1916
  • The Road to Rebellion/1916
  • Ireland and the Great War
  • The War of Independence 1919-1920
  • Truce, Treaty and Civil War
  • The Irish Free Stat 1923-1932
  • Fianna Fail 1932-1938
  • Neutrality
  • The First Inter-Party Government/Establishment of the Republic

Other Essential Information: 

Duration: 2 hrs/week

Time: 7.00-9.00pm/Tuesdays – Semester I

Start date: Tuesday 12th September 2017




Discipline: Tourism Hospitality and Heritage

Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 6

Category: Single Subject


Lifelong Learning Office, GMIT Mayo

Phone: + 353 (0)94 904 3156


Programme Duration: 15 Weeks