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Outdoor Education

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Outdoor Education

Learning Through Adventure

Discipline: Outdoor Education

Programme Code: 


Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 8

Programme Duration: Four years

Mode of Study: Full time

Application Route: Apply through the CAO

Places: 45

CAO Round 1 Points: 240 (2016)

Why Study?

This four year programme contains an exciting mix of academic study and training in adventure sports. You will work towards National Governing Body (NGB) qualifications in a range of adventure sports while building experience in implementing educational and adventure tourism programmes. You will build an understanding of the developmental role of outdoor education and explore and examine the Irish landscape, heritage and ecology. Mayo's mountain's and wild Atlantic coast provide an ideal location for this programme of study.

Programme Modules

This programme is 4 years duration and offers 4 different elective streams, Social Care, Social Geography, Business and Languages. The first 3 years of the programme have practical adventure activities modules, in addition to first aid and water safety training. There are distinct strands within the programme:

Environmental and Cultural Landscape strand: with modules in Earth Processes, Environmental Studies, Irish Cultural Landscape, Human Activity in the Environment, Ecology and Environmental Management

Psychology and Teaching / Facilitation strand: with modules in Communications, Leadership and Facilitation, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Experiential Education, Coaching and Performance Enhancement, Adventure Therapy, Expeditions.

Saftey and First Aid strand: with modules in Safety and Legislation, Health and Fitness, Emergency Procedures, Advanced Emergency Procedures, Work Experience

Adventure Sports Strand: Adventure Activities : Personal Skills, Adventure Activities: Learning To Lead,  Adventure Activities: Leadership Outdoors

The adventure sports covered include: kayaking (river and sea), rock climbing, surfing, sailing, snorkelling, hillwalking, caving, orienteering, windsurfing, coasteering and mountain biking.  


Career Opportunities

Graduates will find employment as instructors, managers and field studies officers in outdoor education centres and other organisations offering adventure sports, adventure tourism and environmental education.

There are employment opportunities within educational organisations and youth services as facilitators, youth development officers and managers. Many youth and community organisations incorporate outdoor education as part of their developmental programmes. There are also opportunities in the area of rural development, countryside recreation and eco-tourism

Post-graduate Studies: 

To date some of the programmes that the graduates of the BA(Hons) in Outdoor Education have pursued include:

MSc in Coastal Zone Management

MSc in Sustainable Rural Development

MSc in Sustainable Architecture

MSc In environmental Protection and Conservation

MSc In Ecological Assessment

MA in Counselling

MA in Ethics

MA in Community and Youth Work

MA in Management for Community and Voluntary Services

MA in Development Studies

Graduate Diploma in Education

Graduate Diploma in Addiction Studies

Post Graduate Diploma in Geography

Essential Information: 

Students need to be able to swim 50m in order to take part in the watersports activities. All technical and essential safety equipment will be supplied, but students are expected to supply some of their own personal clothing. Please email for an equipment list and additional information.


Studying Outdoor Education in GMIT Mayo Campus

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