Staff and Postgraduate Listing

GMIT-MFRC postgraduates aboard the RV G.O. Sars in the Arctic

The MFRC maintains substantial capacity and a strong reputation in strategically targeted areas of applied marine and freshwater research.

Our researchers publish prolifically and engage actively at national and international conferences and meetings.

To collaborate please contact the MFRC’s specialist research staff:

Dr Simon Berrow: Marine mammals, seabirds and Environmental impact

+353 (0)91 742296

Mr John Boyd: Fisheries, Seagoing operations and maritime training

+353 (0)91 742518

Dr Deirdre Brophy: (Biography) Fish ecology, population dynamics & stock structure

+353 (0)91 742484

Mr Brian Burke: Fisheries economics

+353 (0)91 742516

Dr Martin Gammell: (Biography) Freshwater biology, Animal behaviour

+353 (0)91 742277

Dr Conor Graham: (Biography) Freshwater fisheries, stable isotope ecology

+353 (0)91 742888

Dr Colin Hannon: (Biography) Invertebrate Aquaculture

+353 (0)91 742522

Dr Paula Haynes: Fisheries biology and assessment

+353 (0)91 742517

Dr Aaron Henderson: Elasmobranch ecology/biology, marine resource management

+353 (0)91 742893

Dr Pauline King: Fish biology, Intertidal ecology

+353 (0)91 742089

Dr Heather Lally: (Biography) Freshwater ecology

+353 (0)91 742884

Dr Anne Marie Mahon: Freshwater Pollution

+353 (0)91 742516

Dr Eugene McCarthy: Proteomics and molecular biology

+353 (0)91 742329

Dr Pauhla McGrane: Phytoplankton biology, Seagoing operations and maritime training

+353 (0)91 742517

Dr Cóilín Minto: Biostatistics, Quantitative ecology

+353 (0)91 742514

Dr Luca Mirimim: (Biography) Molecular ecology, fisheries, cetaceans

+353 (0)91 742173

Dr Sinead Murphy: Marine mammal population biology, Conservation management

+353 (0)91 742086

Dr Róisín Nash: (Biography) Marine ecology

+353 (0)91 742892

Dr Francesco Noci: Food technology, Food science

+353 (0)91 742300

Dr Joanne O’Brien: Marine mammals and bioacoustics

+353 (0)91 742277

Dr Ian O’Connor: Spatial ecology of marine megafauna & GIS

+353 (0)91 742296

Dr Cilian Roden: Phytoplankton ecology

+353 (0)91 742214

Dr Philip White: Analytical chemistry, environmental contaminants, instrumental method development and validation.

+353 (0) 91 742281


Graduate education at the MFRC enjoys an excellent reputation. Our alumni have progressed to high-level careers in industry and academia where they continue to contribute to governmental and industrial policies and priorities.

Current MFRC postgraduate students:

  • Heidi Acampora: Marine microplastics: Interactions with seabirds.
  • Isabel Baker: Social and foraging behaviour of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Shannon Estuary, Ireland.
  • Marta Bolgan: Exploring the potential of passive acoustic monitoring in the management and conservation of a threatened freshwater fish, the Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus), in Irish lakes.
  • Simon Dedman: Defining maximum sustainable yield for data poor fisheries: The case of the elasmobranch fisheries in the Irish Sea.
  • Philip Doddy: Ecology of limestone solution hollows in the Burren.
  • Paul Dolder: Informing improved management of mixed fisheries through comparative modelling of fleet dynamics.
  • Jamie Downes: Gill disease in finfish aquaculture with emphasis on amoebic gill disease.
  • Roxanne Duncan: Population and sub-population structure of albacore tuna in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean.
  • Kevin French: Acoustic communication in a freshwater insect, Sigara distincta.
  • Melanie Gomes: Conservation Biology of Elasmobranchs in the Celtic Seas.
  • Michael Griffin: Exploring acoustic communication in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) using passive acoustic monitoring and playback experiments.
  • La Daana Kanhai: Microplastic distribution and ecological interactions across latitudinal gradients.
  • Niall Keogh: Offshore ecology of seabirds.
  • Giada Magueri: Modelling the sustainability and ecosystem services of wildlife ecotourism in remote rural communities.
  • Laurence Manning: Social behaviour of harbour seals, Phoca vitulina, in the west of Ireland.
  • Mar Marcos Lopez: Immunological approach to the development of diagnostic tools and treatments for Amoebic Gill Disease in farmed Atlantic salmon.
  • Adon McFarlane: Population assessment of an endangered freshwater crustacean, the white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes): Could a consideration of crayfish behaviour improve monitoring techniques?
  • Claire Moore: Sprat fisheries ecology: Using knowledge of stock structure to implement sustainable management strategies.
  • Felix Scholz: Bio-security risks associated with the use of lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) as a cleaner fish species in salmonid polyculture systems in Ireland.
  • Michael Sheridan: Direct age determination for crustacean fisheries in Ireland.
  • Katie Thomas: The Ecology of Salmon (Salmo salar L.) at Sea: Environmental factors affecting marine growth, survival and migration of Atlantic salmon.