2D Studio Practice 4 (Painting/Photography/Printmaking)


Research and Process: This  semester-long module consolidates students' understanding of research-led studio practice and the creative possibilities that arise through the application and evolution of research through material processes and skills. Statements, peer-to-peer critiques, studio notebooks, material experimentation and documentation of practice are used to consolidate critical understanding and intellectual and creative innovation and independence. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Display an ability to exercise personal autonomy and set goals that respond in an original and personal way to a self-generated brief.

  2. Exercise in-process problem solving through material and digital technological investigations that utilise appropriate judgement in a wide variety of contexts.

  3. Abstract relevant material from research, and integrate process-based material and digital technological investigations, within studio practice.

  4. Evaluate personal learning in relation to appropriate theoretical concepts within contemporary visual art practice.

  5. Articulate and express conceptualised, developed thinking in group seminars, tutorials and peer critiques.

  6. Utilise relevant technical and specialist skills in relation to the safe use of studio and workshop materials and equipment and the responsibilities implicit in group interactions and collaborative projects.

% Coursework 100%