3D Skills and Creative Practice 1: Introduction to the Practice


This module is designed to provide learners with an introduction to spatial dynamics. It explores fundamental notions of actual space and the expanse of three-dimensionality in which objects and events occur. Participants will examine form, proportion, structure, artefacts within space and three-dimensional objects as promoted by artists and designers. Learners will respond to both practical tasks and theoretical challenges by creating constructions and artworks with materials like cardboard, clay, fabric, paper, plaster, plastics, wire and wood etc. Projects will be individual or collaborative and will involve critical analysis and discussion so as to equip learners with the conceptual and practical skills required to formulate creative and vibrant three dimensional artworks.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop an awareness of the formal aspects of 3D space as well as historical and contemporary practioners.

  2. Integrate critical thinking and 3D problem solving skills with an emphasis on enquiry.

  3. Apply a basic visual vocabulary which facilitates the creation and analysis of 3D constructions.

  4. Engage in a manner that is increasingly autonomous and self-critical.

% Coursework 100%