3D Studio Practice 2 (Ceramics/Digital Media/Sculpture)


This is an introductory module exploring the media, materials and techniques of a 3 dimensional and digital/time based practice.

The term '3D and Digital/time based media' is used throughout this module descriptor to include -
the three-dimensional media of Clay, Plaster and Glaze in the ceramic process,
the three-dimensional media of Clay/plaster, and wood metal in the sculptural process.
Performance, Audio/Video and digital media


The module is designed to familiarise the students with the relevant 3D and digital/time based workshops. Students will receive a thorough health and safety induction in both general workshop health and safety and safe usage of specific machines, materials and equipment applied to the outcomes of the module. Students will receive demonstrations and training with a selection of the extensive range of equipment and materials available within the 3D and digital/time based areas. Students will be taught the skills necessary to complete given tasks safely within industrial and artistic guidelines. Students will work with various materials and processes in order to explore the formal elements of a 3 dimensional and digital/time based practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an ability to use a selected range of equipment and materials safely and efficiently in line with Health and Safety instruction and guidelines, using the correct tools safely for the application of processes and understanding and using the correct personal protective equipment for each specific process.

  2. Describe simple formal elements (e.g. balance, form, mass, etc) through material manipulation and process.

  3. Apply the specialist processes and techniques demonstrated within workshops to the various tasks assigned.

  4. Observe, record and collate the interactions between materials and process developing comprehensive technical notebooks.

  5. Establish self-directed learning and research strategies including a responsible, professional engagement with their practice.

  6. Contribute to; engage with and participate in workshop activities and critiques.

% Coursework 100%