3D Studio Practice 4 (Ceramics/Digital Media/Sculpture)


In this module students will undertake two projects referencing 3D studio digital and time based practice. During the semester the thematic focus of the module will refer to Landscape and Territory, and Object and Memory. The focus of the module will be on how to design, make and construct a 3 dimensional response to a given set of concerns. This is an opportunity to for the learner to synthesis conceptual research and making skills forming original 3D statements. Projects are revised annually ensuring they are fit for purpose.






Learning Outcomes

  1. Illustrate an understanding and recognition of contemporary 3 -dimensional concepts, practices and skills as language.

  2. Demonstrate a strong critical assessment of practice through experience of process designed in response to specific project themes.

  3. Contribute to critique/seminar/tutorials/discussions/symposia and other cultural events illustrating empathy between artform and narratives.

  4. Demonstrate an ability to combine practical and theoretical processes that involve thinking and practice in tandem.

  5. Recognise and apply safe workshop practice and awareness of health and safety.

  6. Demonstrate a maturity to self-motivate and to work responsibly both independently and within the class group.

% Coursework 100%