3D Studio Practice 6 (Sculpture, Ceramics and Digital Media)


A 20 credit studio semester long module in three dimensional and time based practice in which the student will put in place a broad self-initiated and self-directed research pathway reflective of the students individual applied concerns. The research methodology will establish the core pillars and applied principles for the formulation of further studio practice. This module would require knowledge of working three-dimensionally and in particular, an understanding, and developed skill set in your applied area of choice.

The student will reference and reflect on contemporary process based practice. They will source, identify and collate materials, techniques, processes and media fundamental to the exploration of the student's particular reflections and narratives. The student will through reflection and research uncover and demonstrate their awareness of underlying theoretical issues and contexts related to their individual terms of reference.

Through engagement in research, process and critique the student builds confidence in their knowledge and understanding of conceptual and technical issues. The student then demonstrates their judgement and skill in evaluating, analysing and developing these strands through reflection and process designing a program of practice which will best illustrates and addresses their personal concerns.

Drawing; researching; spinning ideas; understanding dimension in its broadest sense; exploring and experimenting with diverse materials; learning old and new techniques and technologies; learning skills, fabricating objects; recording video and moving image; sourcing and editing sound; performing actions; designing spatial statements through 'installation', moving image, performance, and objects in space; working outside in the environment, utilising materials innate to site specific landscapes; working with the community; exploring social and political agendas as they pertain to society and the self, both historic and modern, these are some of the threads of research explored within Sculpture or Ceramics.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Excercise a professional and informed approach to personal studio practice to include an advanced knowledge of the Health and Safety issues involved.

  2. Put in place an on-going professional research practice reflective of developing personal concerns and demonstrate the ability to organise, manage and direct the objectives established to address the module.

  3. Demonstrate the ability to research design and plan independent and original working methodologies in relation to personal aims and objectives identified for exploration. Stimulate and practice skills and processes needed to address possible outcomes.

  4. Articulate advanced standards in the manipulation of ideas, materials and media in the design of applied processes as per the demands of an evolving practice.

  5. Establish an ability to judge and interpret information and show insightful and knowledgeable understandings in relation to contemporary 3D concerns, principles and practice.

  6. Display an ability to creatively articulate and address concepts, issues and contexts through discussion tutorial and critique.

% Coursework 100%