GMIT Healthy Campus


The GMIT Healthy Campus working group has been in existence since January 2018.

It has two sub-groups:

  • Healthy Campus which rolls out various initiatives for staff and students
  • Mental Health focusing on the development of the Student Mental Health Policy

GMIT Healthy Campus initiatives include:

  1. Introduction of a Clean Air Policy to include GMIT as a smoke-free/vape-free Institute from January 2020
  2. Healthy eating campaigns and initiatives
  3. Sexual health promotions to include the facilitation of Consent Workshops to all first-year students from September 2019
  4. Addressing alcohol, drugs and tobacco use and related issues
  5. Implementation of various mental and physical health initiatives and associated campaigns

The Healthy Campus Committee consists of representatives from various departments, from GMIT's remote campuses, and students.

GMIT have signed up for inclusion in the Healthy Ireland Healthy Campus Charter and Framework. By signing up for the charter, GMIT agrees to promote health and wellbeing throughout the Institute's mission, strategy and policies, wherever possible.

By appointing a working group and providing funding to the group GMIT has adopted a strategic approach to achieving this on campus.

The committee aims to combine resources and expertise from within GMIT with external partners to make GMIT a healthier and happier place to work and study.

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