Details of our management structure and relevant legislation

Leagan Gaeilge


Code of Governance of Irish Institutes of Technology (PDF, 759KB)

GMIT is governed by a Body of members representing Institute and community interests and led by the Chair. 
Governing Body Membership

The President is the principal executive officer of the Institute.

The Academic Council is the principal academic body of the Institute, responsible for academic standards and for formulating and recommending academic policy.
Academic Council Membership


The Institute's Executive Board, led by the President, comprises the senior management team of the Institute.  Its fundamental role is to monitor and implement Institute strategy and to ensure the effective management of the Institute.  Its focus is on strategic rather than operational issues.
Executive Board Membership

The Management Group supports the President and the Executive Board in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of managerial actions throughout all functional levels within the Institute.  Its primary role is an operational one.
Management Group Membership


GMIT's Organisation Chart
GMIT's Organisation Chart (PDF, 231KB)