Academic and Professional Skills (Apprenticeship)


The aim of this module is to empower students with the skills to be successful in third level education and the workplace. This module combines online learning activities and small group workshops to focus on areas such as academic writing and integrity, creative thinking, problem solving, communications, career planning, report writing, innovation, technology and presentation skills.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compile a reflective logbook relating to laboratory, practical or project work, taking into account the ethical responsibilities of the engineer and technician in relation to business goals, sustainability and wider society.

  2. Appraise different learning styles and apply appropriate learning and time management strategies;

  3. Engage in critical thinking, logical and creative problem solving and work as an effective group member;

  4. Compile a written technical report, using appropriate referencing techniques for sources of information and maintaining academic integrity;

  5. Deliver effective oral presentations and apply communication skills.

% Coursework 100%