Academic Writing


This module provides students with a range of skills required in third-level academic writing.

It enables students to understand what constitutes good academic writing and to recognise the importance and value of attaining good academic writing skills. Simultaneously, it provides them with those skills.

The module is conducted as a complementary balance of theory and practice, with all theoretical tuition supplemented by guided practical application.

The module is assessed by means of continuous assessment.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise and utilise a range of forms of sentence structure.

  2. Exercise discernment in the utilisation and management of information.

  3. Structure and sequence text logically.

  4. Apply and/or implement rules of grammar and punctuation.

  5. Demonstrate increased adeptness at spelling.

  6. Implement a range of proofreading skills.

  7. Apply skills of style and tone appropriate to a range of academic writing tasks.

  8. Devise, logically structure, write and revise a report.

  9. Plan, logically structure, write and edit an academic essay.

% Coursework 100%