Accessory Design


This module is an introduction to accessory design with an emphasis on experiementation of materials and techniques in contemporary embroidery, mixed media textiles, embelishment, use of traditional and new technologies. It provides the learner with the methodologies, skills and context to achieve outcomes using mixed-media, stitch and embelishment in designing and making accessories for fashion. It encompasses bespoke fine-craft, conceptual fashion and body art.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Generate visual research and gather information to build a body of research

  2. Reflect on, draw conclusions and evaluate research

  3. Demonstrate an ability to think creatively, by experimentation and responding in an original/personal way to brief

  4. Respond to a set brief by engaging in workshops, in debate in seminars and tutorials and by articulating ideas and problems

  5. Demonstrate skills of expression and communication through the medium of stitch and mixed media textiles, building on personal research

% Coursework 100%