Additive Manufacturing Design, Methods, and Processes


A mixture of lecture, laboratory, workshop and studio, this module will work with Materials and Additive Manufacturing Processes available to the Product Designer. It will focus on the basic understanding of Additive Manufacturing Processes and the design opportunities presented by the materials and processes. Projects will involve the design and prototyping of basic 3D products. The studio will introduce a variety of materials & related to additive processes. A practical approach to the basic product design process will include design problem-solving, and application of skills such as drawing and visualising concepts, and prototyping of 3D objects. Project work will require the student to apply elementary design thinking to develop solutions.

Students will be working both individually and in teams.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Produce a variety of products using additive manufacturing  processes 

  2. Apply design thinking and design skills to the solution of simple design problems and product design

  3. Appreciate the health, safety and environmental considerations associated with the materials and processes

  4. Experiment with design opportunities presented by the materials & processes of additive manufacturing.

  5. Evaluate a variety of basic screen to the machine processes and machine calibration for additive manufacturing materials

% Coursework 100%