Advanced Analytical Techniques


This module will bring together the theory and practice from semester one and explore advanced analytical techniques. A particular focus will be on mass spectrometry and its use within chromatographic analytical techniques in theory and practice. In addition, the application of other hyphenated techniques and the theory behind them will be investigated. The application of these techniques to emerging areas within the biopharmaceutical industry will also be considered.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically assess different methods of analysis and their application to real analytical problems.

  2. Evaluate the application of emerging and existing analytical techniques to a variety of sample types

  3. Explain the theoretical principles underlying mass spectrometry and its suitability for analysis range of sample types

  4. Explain the operation of a mass spectrometer as part of a GC, ICP and HPLC systems.

  5. Analyse and interpret chromatographic data using chromatography/mass spectrometry software applications (Waters©, Agilent©)  including integration, processing and reporting.

  6. Describe the use of mass spectrometry as part of biocompatibility testing.

% Coursework 65%
% Final Exam 35%