Advanced Laboratory Techniques for Sport and Exercise Science


This module has been designed to develop students' laboratory skills and knowledge of current methods of assessing sports and exercise performance. The module will help to develop theoretical knowledge and practical competencies in sport and exercise performance analysis. It examines theoretical frameworks and techniques which enable the sport and exercise scientist to objectively assess performance.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically appraise the different needs of individuals with regard to exercise testing.

  2. Use knowledge of key components of fitness to apply appropriate assessment methods for their evaluation.

  3. Evaluate and apply test protocols, considering issues of specificity, validity and reliability.

  4. Deliver exercise assessments and appropriate feedback on exercise protocols and responses.

  5. Safely and ethically plan, prepare and execute a range of physiological assessments on human volunteers.

  6. Collect, analyse and interpret data from human volunteers, and identify concepts associated with normal and abnormal exercise patterns.

  7. Analyse and interpret the scientific literature using an evidence based approach and synthesise the scientific evidence into practical research tools.

% Coursework 100%