Applied Graphics


The focus of this module is to establish an excellent grounding in the areas of descriptive geometry and to apply the key principles to the various subsidiary areas of focus. Areas studied with this module are Lines and Lamina, inclination of solids and cut solids, Dynamic Mechanisms and Solids in contact. The structure of the learning is based on a combination of directed practical lab exercises in conjunction with self directed application of the key principles.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply his/her cognitive and practical skills in the areas of graphics, graphic communication, creative problem solving, spatial ability and visualisation, design, computer graphics and CAD modelling.

  2. Formulate and represent graphically the development and refinement of problem solving ideas using acceptable drawing conventions, symbols and standards and presentation methods and layout.

  3. Apply his/her knowledge of projection systems, plane geometry, solids in contact and surface geometry to the solving of problems posed.

  4. Apply the surface development of containers to practical problems such as sheet metal fabrications, label envelopments and shortest distance on a surface.

  5. Generate pedagogical stratagies to compliment current educational theory through development of a wide variety of teaching resourses.

  6. Apply the principles of conical projection to determine perspective views of objects.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%