Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology


This module aims to provide students with an advanced knowledge and understanding of human responses and adaptations to sport and exercise environments. Using a psychological approach, students are offered the forum for discussion and understanding of cognitions, affect and behaviour and the complex interactions between these in the various scenarios that present within a sport and/or exercise setting. A key focus of the module is to provide an understanding of the psychological approaches using real ‘applied’ situations within sport and exercise settings.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse attitude formation and beliefs about sport and exercise psychology.

  2. Apply psychological theory to explain performance in sport and exercise.

  3. Discuss the use of behavioural observations for performance in sport and exercise.

  4. Explain the effects of environmental and personal dispositional variables on behaviour in a variety of sport and exercise situations.

  5. Analyse and interpret the scientific literature using an evidence based approach.

  6. Discuss emerging trends in psychological approaches used within sport and exercise settings.

  7. Describe the different stages of skill learning in motor performance

  8. Apply motor learning theory in professional practice settings.

% Coursework 100%