Access Scholarship Programme

*Please note Access Scholarship applications are no longer being accepted for the academic year 2020/21.

GMIT awards up to twelve financial scholarships to the value of €5,000 each to support students entering GMIT who are from socio-economically or other disadvantaged backgrounds, or those who have faced difficult personal circumstances.

This financial scholarship is provided in increments over the duration of the programme of study.

In addition, scholarship applicants may be eligible for a reduced-points offer of up to 50 CAO points, subject to availability.
Note: Applicants must have taken the Leaving Certificate exams within the last two years.

A candidate must satisfy the following conditions:

1.  Be an EU citizen.
2.  Have taken the Leaving Certificate exams within the last two years.
3.  Be a current applicant for a GMIT programme through the CAO and satisfy the general
      and specific criteria for entry.
4.  Have family income under the current threshold for the third-level maintenance grant
5.  Be supported by an academic reference from his/her school.

Criteria for Selection

• Completed application form.
• Compliance with conditions specified at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 above.
• Leaving Certificate points within 50 points of the first-round cut-off point for the chosen programme.
• Academic reference.
• Interest, knowledge and commitment to the chosen programme.
• Socio-economic factors considered:
                                 -  geographical relocation to attend GMIT
                                 -  lone parent family
                                 -  exceptional circumstances
                                 -  social welfare/low income
                                 - applicant is the first member in family to attend third level education

Nominated candidates may be short-listed. Those short-listed will be interviewed in August (following Leaving Certificate results and CAO first round offers).

Further Information: