Approaches to Archaeology 1: Cartographic History and Field Monument Identification


This module focuses on two sub-disciplines relating to archaeological, architectural, historical and geographical research, as follows:

a) cartography and built heritage research;

b) field monument identification and assessment.


Learning Outcomes

  1. classify and date the main categories of field monuments, buildings and other structural remains in the Irish countryside;

  2. be knowledgeable of the main legal issues surrounding the ownership of, and access to, field monuments in Ireland;

  3. make preliminary cultural evaluations and risk-assessments of same;

  4. display a knowledge of the principal cartographic sources and repositories available for the study of built heritage in Ireland and Britain.

  5. read and understand cartographic sources from a built heritage point of view.

  6. employ cartographic data intelligently in study and research work.

% Coursework 60%
% Final Exam 40%