Arts Facilitation Skills


This module aims to develop a practical exploration and examination of aesthetic and ethical issues as

expressed in the tensions between product and process in community-based cultural activity. It aims to encourage and enable an exploration of these issues by providing an experiential context, conceptual frameworks and a forum for examining and exploring the role of the arts in community



It should provide students with a context for subsequent learning, enhance their power of

independent judgement, enrich their perspectives on human society and encourage reflection on the

interface of culture, human rights and community development.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Have a deeper and broader knowledge and understanding of the arts and their role in community development, and the role of the artist and volunteer in this work.

  2. Have a framework for conceptualising differing views on community, and an ability to contest conventional wisdom and develop alternative perspectives.

  3. Have an enriched perspective on social solidarity, a willingness to challenge preconceptions and prejudice, and an enthusiasm towards further enquiry.

  4. Have an enhanced capacity for thought, self-reflection and expression through the arts and for autonomous learning.

  5. Have the ability and confidence to articulate an internalised personal world view, manifesting solidarity with others and the ability to engage creatively with them.

% Coursework 100%