Audio Video Design and Production 2


The second module  Audio Video Design and Production 2 builds on student design and development skills in audio video 1 by focusing on larger video production projects and client work as well as deeper content and advanced editing, audio, special effects  motion graphic techniques.

Students work in teams to produce video projects such as commercials or smallnews pieces and documentaries. They focus on effective composition and communication, project management, design specifications, and iterative development techniques .

The learners  produce video project plans and treatments to  communicate ideas  for the videos and then use these treatments and rough cuts to visualize and review with clients. They develop video production skills that solve specific communication challenges and engage audiences.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Introduction to special effects

  2. motion graphics and special effects techniques

  3. Communication with clients and team members, using treatments rough cuts and project plans using Iterative development and redesign

  4. Video project management skills such as task management, client management, milestones , and contingency planning

  5. Audio creation and manipulation

% Coursework 100%