BIM for Surveyors 1


This Module will introduce students to the BIM and digital cost estimating / control. Students will acquire the skills and competence needed to represent buildings and building details graphically using appropriate software & hardware, with an emphasis on the development of the skills required to create models suitable to use in a 5D BIM workflow. Students will also learn to use estimating software to create accurate take-offs from models.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop cognitive and practical skills in the areas of computer graphics

  2. Represent graphically the development and refinement of problem solving ideas

  3. Communicate ideas and solutions to problems, using acceptable drawing conventions, symbols and standards for presentation

  4. Develop an appreciation for BIM software packages

  5. Develop an appreciation and understanding of the use of 5D BIM

  6. Develop an appreciation for the representation of modern methods of construction in construction documentation (specifically drawings and models).

% Coursework 100%