Biogeography and Natural History


The course investigates the importance of natural heritage to humanity and current threats to this heritage. Topics include the practical and cultural role of natural heritage, the threats of pollution, climate change and habitat destruction and possible future developments in the protection of our natural heritage.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appreciate the value of Natural Heritage to humanity

  2. Understand both the practical and spiritual/aesthetic value of nature

  3. Be familiar with the major threats to Natural Heritage

  4. Have a critical understanding of the laws, treaties and practices designed to protect Natural Heritage

  5. Understand the connection between human actions and the future of our Natural Heritage

  6. Use internet sources to monitor the state of our natural heritage

  7. Use video/Powerpoint to present information on the threats to Natural Heritage

  8. Use media sources and research to determine the public attitude to nature protection

% Coursework 100%