Building Measurement


This module will introduce students to both the theory and practice of building measurement. The following will be covered:

Reading and study of drawings

Measurement Rules as set out in ARM 4. (Refer to the syllabus section for the elements that will be covered)

Introduction to specification writing

BOQ Elemental breakdown

Practical Measurement: Using Scale Ruler, CUBIT Software


Learning Outcomes

  1. Select various rules of measurement using ARM4 (in regard to specific elements)

  2. Summarise the layout and structure of a Bill of Quantities (building elements)

  3. Describe the principles of building measurement 

  4. Relate measurement techniques to the measurement of various type buildings 

  5. Write descriptions to quantities for inclusion in Bills of Quantities 

  6. Prepare measured sections of Elemental sections of a typical Bill of Quantities

% Coursework 100%