Student Stories

Accounting and Financial Management (Mayo Campus) - Kelsey Hynes

Kelsey Hynes GMIT Mayo Accounting

I decided to study accounting because I always loved doing maths and you have a world of opportunities at your feet once you have finished your course.

I am in 3rd year and so far, my experience at GMIT Mayo has been amazing.

Because it is a small college, you get to know everyone in your class and you get to know your lectures, which is great because they can help you whenever you are struggling.

I do sports in the college, which makes the experience even better. College life is a great experience; you make so many bonds with so many people who are studying other courses.

Once a year the football team holds a "Get Lippy" event. It is an amazing night out, and if you participate, it is even better. Not only do the students participate in it but also so do lectures.

With the football team, we attended a competition in Spain and it was the best experience ever. We played against teams from Spain, France and Portugal and won the tournament.

I came to GMIT Mayo campus as my sister had studied Social Care here. That made my decision so much easier because she told me all about her great experiences.