Student Stories

Contemporary Art Practice (Mayo Campus) Una Morris

I started the part-time BA in Contemporary Art Practices back in 2014, the first year it was on offer. It involved one evening and one full day per week, so was quite a commitment – but a hugely worthwhile experience, and in many ways life-changing.

I’d always wanted to study art, but full-time wasn’t an option with work, kids and life getting in the way. My job was part-time, so I was able to slot into the BA CAP programme without too much hassle, but some of my classmates worked full-time and still got through the course.

The modules covered were all related to art and community engagement, but there was great variety – in first year alone, we had studio time painting and drawing with one-to-one tutorials and practical workshops, as well as new media in the computer lab, and classroom subjects like art history & theory, psychology and sociology.

The class sizes are small enough for students to get to know each other well.

The quality of teaching on this course is very high and our tutors are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and engaging. Though they all have different styles and methods, they share a great generosity with their knowledge and time.

The workload was challenging at times, but each tutor helped ensure that we got as much as possible out of the course. After graduating with a BA (L7) in June, I’m doing one year full-time in IT Sligo, working towards my BA (Hons) in Fine Art.