Student Stories

IT Services Management (Mayo Campus) - Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy - IT Services Management (GMIT Mayo Campus)

My journey in the IT industry started when I was given the role of LAN Administrator in a company. That role was dissolved when the company outsourced its IT solutions.

After a career of over 12 years with that organization, looking back I realised it was my most enjoyable role so I decided to return to third-level, joining GMIT Mayo. Going back to college was tough at times but very worthwhile.

I got great support from my classmates and from my lecturers, which went a long way.

The topics we covered and the practical assignments were really engaging and satisfying.

Initially I worked as a SAP Support Analyst for two years before moving to a software company that specialises in Network Security Monitoring, where I am a Technical Support Engineer.

The move for me was to try a different avenue of IT. That is what’s great about the course in GMIT Mayo.

The subjects are diverse and you will find your favourite. There was only one other female in my class however, which is something I hope will change in the future.

This type of work is very fulfilling but we don’t see the same number of females in college courses or IT roles. When you see a tech role advertised but don’t see any women come in for interview, you realise the gap.

I look forward to a time when the percentage of female applicants is close to, if not equal to, the number of male applicants. Diversity and gender diversity are being proven to have huge advantages to business and innovation.

When women are great users of technology, why shouldn’t they be involved in the creation of great technology?