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Department of Business, Humanities and Technology, GMIT Mayo campus

Department of Business, Humanities and Technology/Organisational Development

The Department of Business, Humanities and Technology / Organisational Development offers a range of programmes at certificate, higher certificate, degree, honours degree and post graduate levels in the areas of Accountancy, Business, Climate Resilience, Contemporary Art,  Cybersecurity,  Digitalisation for SMEs, History & Geography , Human Resource Management, Outdoor Education, Supervisory Management and Sustainable Building Technology. It prepares students for a wide range of challenging roles in the community and at all levels.


Certificates, degrees and honours degrees in business with a particular focus on supervisory management, human resource management, digitalisation and accountancy allows students to specialise in supervision, personnel management, digitalisation for SMEs and accountancy.  The honours degrees allow students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.


History & Geography programmes include a broad range of modules from history, archaeology and environmental science to literature and folklore. The approach to history & geography is guided by current best practice in the sector as seen in museums, interpretative centres, conservation programmes and research. These academic programmes in history & geography, culture and the environment provide a forum for critical reflection on the past events as a guide to the future of the human race.  Graduates from these programmes often pursue teaching careers in history & geography. Others pursue postgraduate qualification by taking Masters through research for example.

Outdoor Education is a form of experiential learning through the medium of adventure teamwork and the outdoor environment. The programme comprises an academic component and extensive fieldwork.

Contemporary art practice allows students complete a degree in this field of study. Students produce significant pieces of art work during this programme while developing their skills through professional art practice and technical applications.


The technology programmes are in the areas of cybersecurity, digitalisation for SMEs and sustainable building technology. As the world embarks upon a sustainable digital future the need for such programmes continues to grow. Graduates from such programmes are highly sought after and continue to pursue successful careers on the back of the awards.

These programmes have allowed the department forge close links with local industry and staff are actively engaged in various regional committees.


Contact: Michael Gill

Head of Department Business, Humanities and Technology

Tel: 094-9043174  

E-mail: Michael Gill

Latest News

Dr George Onofrei, Head of the GMIT School of Business.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) has appointed Dr George Onofrei as the new Head of the GMIT School of Business, commencing this month (September 2021).

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