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Accounting Technicians Ireland - Technician Programme (Part Time)

Open for Applications

Discipline: Business

Location: Galway - Dublin Road

NFQ Level: 6

Programme Duration: Two years

Mode of Study: Part time

Application Route: Apply direct to GMIT

Entry Requirements: See "Essential Information" below

Places: 25


See Other Essential Information

Why Study?

Accounting technicians are qualified accounting professionals who work at all levels of finance.

They can work in all types of organisations and are widely employed throughout the public sector, industry and commerce and in private accountancy practices. They are involved in the day-to-day practical work of accountancy and play a key operational role in producing reliable financial information.

Accounting technicians can perform a wide range of finance roles, from accounts staff to financial controller and beyond. For instance, they can do financial accounting and budgeting, costing and credit control, payroll administration and tax returns. More experienced accounting technicians may often perform senior managerial tasks and audits.

Accounting technicians can work on their own or alongside professional accountants. In a small company, they may be the only qualified employee looking after the finance function, while in a larger company, they may be working as part of a team alongside accountants and administrative staff. While they are not accountants, they can perform many of the same functions and are qualified to take accounts up to trial balance.

Who are Accounting Technicians Ireland?
Accounting Technicians Ireland (formally Institute of Accounting Technicians of Ireland, IATI) is the leading Accounting Technician body in Ireland with over 10,000 members and students and the awarding body for this qualification. 

Established in 1983, Accounting Technicians Ireland prides itself on providing an internationally recognised business qualification and on promoting the highest educational, technical and ethical standards to its members. The  Accounting Technician qualification differs from many other academic programmes as it combines professional exams with practical work experience. As members of Accounting Technicians Ireland, individuals are entitled to put the letters MIATI after their name, seen by many employers as essential when hiring.

The Diploma for Accounting Technicians (for which you need to complete Accounting Technician Year 1 + Accounting Technician Year 2) is fully approved as a Level 5 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This equates to a Level 6/7 on the National Framework of Qualifications in the Republic of Ireland. Successful graduates will receive the award of Diploma for Accounting Technicians Level 5 from Accounting Technicians Ireland.

Note, this is not a GMIT award but exemptions are granted on some modules in the Bachelor of Business Degree to students who have passed subject on Year 1 and Year 2 of the Accounting Technician course. 

Provider Status
GMIT is an Approved Partner with Accounting Technicians Ireland for the delivery of this course.

Programme Modules

The part-time course has two distinct years to cover - Year 1 and Year 2.

Year 1 gives you foundation knowledge of business and accounting, while Year 2 allows you to build a deeper understanding of more advanced accounting issues.

There is also a practical focus on the IT systems that are commonly used by accountants.

First Year Modules:

  • Financial Accounting I
  • Taxation I     
  • Law & Ethics     
  • Business Management   

Second Year Modules:

  • Financial Accounting II
  • Taxation II
  • Management Accounting
  • Integrated Accounting Systems (places limited, apply early)

Career Opportunities

There is a great variety of work within the accounting profession with a vast array of career opportunities to suit all interests including auditing and assurance work, consulting, corporate finance, tax planning and insolvency. 

There are also opportunities in finance support roles in niche areas, including credit control, accounts payable, anti-money laundering, and some specialist roles in supply chain operations. 

Employment of accounting and financial technicians is one of the highest growth rates among business and finance occupations.

Essential Information: 

All courses are fully wheelchair accessible.

Entry Requirements

Students over 21 Years of Age - If you are over 21 years of age you can apply to enrol as a student on the basis of your age rather than on your educational background.

Students under 21 Years of Age Must Meet One of the following criteria:

  • Leaving Certificate with five passes on Ordinary Level papers. (Passes to include English and either Mathematics or Accountancy).
  • Leaving Certificate with four passes of which at least two are on Higher Level papers. (Passes to include English and either Mathematics or Accountancy). 
  • A fully completed relevant FETAC Level 5 qualification.

Closing Date for Applications (for Year 1 and Year 2)
30th August, 2019 (Year 1). If all places are taken on the course the status of the course will change from “Open for Applications” to “Course Full”. 

The course commences Tuesday, 10th September, 2019. The course is delivered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (both Year 1 and Year 2), from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, from September 2019 to May 2020. 

Tuition Fees
Accounting Technician Year 1 Total Fees  (Tuition Fee plus Student Contribution) is €925 (Year 1) and €925 (Year 2).

ATI Fees (Professional fees)

In addition the following fees are currently payable by students directly to Accounting Technicians Ireland: 

  • First Year Student registration €170 (2016). Examination fee (per subject) €75 (2016). Manuals fee (per subject) €65 (2016)
  • Second Year Annual subscription €85 (2016). Examination fee (per subject) €75 (2016). Manuals fee (per subject) €65 (2016). IAS fee (no separate exam fee is payable) €120 (2016)
Professional Fees Euro
ATI Professional Fees Year 1
Registration fee €170
Course Materials (€65 x 4) €260
Exams (€75 x 4) €300


Professional Fees Euro

ATI Professional Fees Year 2

Student fee €85
Course Materials (€65 x 4) €260
Exams (€75 x 3) €225
IAS Exam fee €120
Total €690


Payment Process
By debit/ credit cars

Student Cards
This course does not qualify for issuing of a GMIT Student ID Card.

The course is delivered in the GMIT Galway Campus, Dublin Road, Galway. The room will be advised on the Notice Board in Reception on the first night.

Application Process
You must download, complete fully and return by email (not by post) the Application Form which is in the form of a MS-Excel file. Incomplete files/ postal applications will be returned.


Data Protection

As a partner college of Accounting Technicians Ireland it is important to note that by applying to or enroling on the Accounting Technicians Ireland - Technicians Programme (Part Time) at GMIT you are agreeing to your personal information (name, email address and phone number) being shared with Accounting Technicians Ireland for the purpose of programme administration.

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