Student Stories

Entrepreneurship - Karina Dennigan

Karina was one of our students of the year in 2013. She told us that “GMIT prepared me for my current role by helping me to develop my leadership and teamwork skills to become more self-motivated and to challenge myself at all times to reach my full potential.  Hard work is required but you are given all the tools and resources to meet your full potential by the excellent staff and resources that GMIT has to offer.  Friendly staff, small class sizes and excellent resources for students all add to the positive experience that students have during their time in GMIT”.

This is what she had to say about Entrepreneurship: “Entrepreneurship training is a critical aspect to the development of a graduate’s mind to bring into the workforce.  Whether a graduate goes on to own their own company or work in a large organisation Entrepreneurship is at every corner.  Testing innovative ideas, products and processes will all be demanded by customers; how to finance start-up ventures and innovation products, and how to sell and market new products are all some of the skills that are learnt through studying Entrepreneurship at GMIT”.