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Entrepreneurship - Michael Smyth

Michael Smyth

Michael Smyth is a native of Athboy in Co. Meath and graduated having completed a BA in Business and Communications through the medium of Irish in June 2012.  He established his own business in his third year in college and says that “this would simply not have happened would it not have been for the support from my lecturers in GMIT. Having all that experience and knowledge readily available was a key success factor for me and my business”. 

He sold his business and completed an MSc in Strategic Marketing at university.  From there he went on to manage the SCCUL Enterprise centre, Ballybane, and as of January he was appointed General Manager of SCCUL Enterprises Ltd.  This company supports some of Galway's most exciting amall and medium sized enterprises through first class infrastructure and soft supports such as mentoring.

Michael is skilled at using his business connections to actively engage with the local community and runs different events aimed at empowering the people of Galway to give back. His efforts and dedication have been recognised by the Junior Chamber of Commerce who selected him as Top Outstanding Young Person for his contribution to businesses and enterprise in Galway.