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Business with Entrepreneurship - Ogie Hollywood

Business with Entrepreneurship - Ogie Hollywood

Ogie Hollywood 

A man from the midlands, Ogie is originally from Moate, Co. Westmeath but now lives in Galway. 

A young leaving certificate student, Ogie completed his second level education at the age of 17. He spent the summer working as a carpenter back home in Moate before enrolling into the Bachelor of Business (hons) in Entrepreneurship at GMIT in September 2011.  

"Initially I heard abut GMIT from my friends and family. Once I started to do a little research I found all the information I needed regarding the courses I was interested in, online". 

Ogie had always wanted to dabble in the idea of setting up his own business. What made the entrepreneurship course enjoyable for him was learning how to generate an idea and turn it into a business plan, which could then be carried forward into the real world.  

"This course gives you access to a number of links with organisations and solid business networks in Galway and all over Ireland". 

To date, attending GMIT has been one of the greatest experiences of Ogie's life. Smaller class sizes made it easy to make new friends, which Ogie did quite quickly. Although GMIT holds its own in terms of being one of the best IT's in the country in terms of qualifications, Ogie was intent on having a great GMIT experience all round.  

"Yes, you are in college to earn a degree but this is also our time, as students to grow and develop as adults in other ways. The lecturers know all their students on a first name basis, and take a personal interest in how we were all getting on. They mentored us to the end, always gently pushing us in the right direction." 

Another beacon of shining light for Ogie was the GMIT Students Union who are known for helping students with any problems they might have.  

"No matter how big or small the issue is, the SU officers will do their very best to resolve it for you and make sure your GMIT experience is a positive one". 

Now, with his degree in his back pocket, Ogie feels like the world is his Oyster. In his final year of college, he founded a charitable organisation called 'Help Ireland' which he runs from an office at Ballybane Enterprise Office in Galway. Ogie has decided to focus on growing this organisation into one of the biggest Mental Health support charities in Ireland.  

"I believe it is very important to do whatever makes you feel happy. Go with the momentum and take every opportunity you can. Becoming an entrepreneur and letting people know you are a founder of an organisation is quite satisfying. You can find me @OgieHollywood on Twitter!" 

GMIT offers a unique hands on education, focusing on real life business and not just in-theory examples. 

Ogie Hollywood. Graduate - Business with Entrepreneurship

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