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Higher Diploma in Business Analytics - SPRINGBOARD+

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Discipline: Business

Programme Code: 


Location: Online

NFQ Level: 8

Programme Duration: One year

Mode of Study: Full time

Application Route: Apply through

Entry Requirements: Level 8 degree in any discipline

Credits: 60

Places: 30


Free to unemployed applicants. €600 for employed applicants.


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Why Study?


  • A Level 8 Major Award completed in one academic year.
  • Delivered fully online with record lectures and no face to face exams.
  • A conversion course for graduates of Level 8 programmes in any discipline.
  • Learn the skills to work as a Business Analyst.
  • Includes learning to use MS SQL to extract data from databases.


Open for applications on    Start date 10Janaury 2022.


Programme Modules

Business Analytics  - download module details here (PDF)

Database Design and Development - download module details here (PDF)

Programming and Scripting - download module details here (PDF)

Statistics for Business Analytics - download module details here (PDF)

Applied Systems Analysis - download module details  here (PDF)

Post Relational Databases - download module details here (PDF)

Decision Theory and Data Visualization - download module details here (PDF)

Information Systems Development - download module details here (PDF)

Business Intelligence - download module details BUST08027 here (PDF)

Cloud Infrastructure and Enterprise Services - download module details here (PDF)

Professional Practice Project - download module details here (PDF)


Learning Outcomes: 

The learning outcomes for the programme are:

  1. Have knowledge in the following areas: Design, development and deployment of information systems Data analysis: gathering, cleansing, processing, exploring and modelling. Principles of Statistics: probability, modelling, regression, quantitative techniques.
  2. Have knowledge and understanding of concepts in the design and development of information systems, business analytics and information management in a business context.
  3. Deploy appropriate theory, practices and tools for the specification, design, implementation and evaluation of dataintensive information systems.
  4. Model real world problems from a business analytics perspective and evaluate the quality of resulting models.
  5. Design and construct a business analytics workflow to solve a business problem.
  6. Manage an information / data management project throughout all stages of its lifecycle.  
  7. Specify, design and implement data management information systems.
  8. Identify and select innovative business analysis techniques in a range of real-world contexts and assess their quality considering limitations and trade-offs.
  9. Apply best practice in the fields of information systems design and development and business analytics.
  10. Assess the impact of legal and ethical considerations. 15. Apply diagnostic skills in a range of data-focused contexts.
  11. Communicate technical solutions in writing and orally in a business context.
  12. Locate and evaluate documentation and information through online research. 18. Assimilate new skills and techniques in business analytics and information systems through online learning.
  13. Continually develop both personal and professional development within the fast moving information systems and business analytics disciplines.
  14. Recognise, understand and appreciate the different modalities for reflecting on own learning (self-reflection).
  15. Recommend an appropriate course of action based on results from requirements analysis and data modelling.
  16. Assess the impact of ethical issues and diversity (e.g. bias models) on business analytics.


Essential Information: 

Course Start Date

13 January 2022


Credits Delivered:

Total credits delivered is 60, of which 35 credits are the Certificate in Business Analytics which is offered as a fee-paid course.


Delivery Method:

Fully online lecturers which are recorded and uploaded, plus online discussion groups where lecturers following from their lectures.


Application Process:

Applications will be made through


Contact Us

School:                        School of Business

Department:                Department of Enterprise & Technology

Head of Department:  Eamon Walsh


Contact person for the course

Peter Butler
Graduate Studies & Professional Development
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
Dublin Road

Phone  085 805 3691 (Mon-Fri, 9-5)


This programme is funded under the Human Capital Initiative Pillar 1, which is funded by the National Training Fund.