Student Stories

Bachelor of Business in Accounting - Aisling Madden

Aisling, a Galway girl, first considered attending GMIT after a visit from the GMIT School Liaison. who came to do a presentation at her secondary school.

However, her first attempt at gaining a third level education did not go as planned. By Christmas of her first year, she had dropped out. She was very young, and just did not feel ready for the commitment college required of her at that time. She took up a job working full time for two years and was happy to have a social life and money in the bank, until one day she realised that she wanted more; So back to GMIT she went.

With a fondness for numbers, choosing Accountancy was easy. Not surprisingly at all, management accountancy is her favourite module and Aisling sees herself carrying on to work her way into the career life of an Auditor or perhaps a tax accountant.

This time around, with a little maturity on her side, Aisling was very focused on doing well in college.

Describing her GMIT experience Aisling said:

“What I love about GMIT is the diversity of all the students. There is a coming together of people from all walks of life. The school is nice and small, so we all feel like we know each other. I know people in the Hotel and Catering School and in a few years might even end up doing their taxes. Everyone here is so friendly. The lecturers in particular are very helpful. They respond to emails quickly and are very supportive when we have problems we need help with”.

GMIT student stories Aisling Madden