CEO Masterclass


The CEO Masterclass module will focus on the key processes and building blocks to support the innovation journey of medical technologies from concept phase to marketplace. Industry speakers will introduce students to a range of commercialisation strategies based on customer value proposition, key business processes and profit realisation. This will be enhanced through a number of workshops focussed on intellectual property, commercialisation, healthcare reimbursement models and RDI funding.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Devise a commercialisation strategy for medical technologies.

  2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding to manage intellectual property and its transfer into or out of an organisation.

  3. Critically interpret the theories and concepts of various healthcare and reimbursement systems and how to demonstrate value for money of a medical technology.

  4. Evaluate and assess the research and innovation funding landscape to support the development of medical technologies based on technology readiness levels.

% Coursework 100%