Certificate in Teaching and Learning


This module provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective teaching and learning in higher education. The module, which is practically-based and interactive, is aimed at developing effective teaching practice. The module promotes research-based teaching and learning, and provides training in lesson planning, lesson delivery and reflective practice. The module incorporates micro-teaching techniques, small and large group teaching and learning strategies, the promotion of student engagement, the development of teaching portfolios, classroom management strategies, education for sustainability, learning technologies, service learning and training in assessment strategies, including assessment design and formative feedback strategies.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop, deliver and review lessons in the context of microteaching techniques and demonstrate reflective practice.

  2. Effectively apply and critique a suite of digital education technology tools.

  3. Critically assess key educational theories and their application to teaching.

  4. Design and construct a teaching and learning ePortfolio.

  5. Demonstrate research-based, inquiry-based teaching practice, including competence in problem-based learning (PBL).

  6. Design and evaluate effective and innovative assessment strategies.

  7. Critically appraise education for sustainability and service learning models.

% Coursework 100%