Civic Engagement


The aim of this module is to engage students in service learning and civic engagement theory and practice. It will enhance participants understanding of the role of service learning, global citizenship and partnership in the community. Learners will apply skills gained from their discipline and programme of study to a community based project.

Civic engagement is situated in the education theory of Service Learning, and it is a method of teaching, and a model for community development that bridges the classroom and the community. Civic engagement utilises structured and intentional community-based service placements to enhance student engagement and community impact.  Through community service placements, students work collaboratively with organisations and/or community members to provide for those in need. 

The module has been designed based on three stages of civic engagement: 1) preparation, 2) engagement, and 3) reflection.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the principles in civic engagement.

  2. Discuss opportunities for sustainably meeting the needs of community partners.

  3. Engage in responsible and challenging actions to benefit the community partner and the student's own self development.

  4. Reflect on good practices and ethical responsibilities in community partnerships. 

  5. Apply civic engagement principles within a discipline-specific community context.

% Coursework 100%