Clay and Glaze Technology II


This module provides learners with a critical understanding of the nature and properties of clay and glazes. In-depth understanding of recipes, their chemistry, identifying and deducing their basic properties, and the potential effects of heat/firing atmospheres on them. The learner will employ appropriate glaze research methodologies to understand existing glaze research and develop new glazes and integrate them into their own design work and innovative practices. Learners will record, predict and critically analyse results clearly and accurately in order to compose a visual glaze library, which will creatively inform their designs and approach going forward.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and describe the properties of different clay types. 

  2. Apply glaze research methodology to the development of new glazes in order to achieve new glaze characteristics. 

  3. Critically understand and integrate the published glaze research of others into one's own practice.

  4. Demonstrate critical sensitivity to the visual and tactile possibilities of ceramic materials in the learner's own ceramic work. 

  5. Identify and critically evaluate the basic properties of a glaze from its recipe, determining how it will behave in firing, and how it will look when fired.

% Coursework 100%