Colour Skills and Creative Practice 1: Introduction to the Practice


In this module the learner will be introduced to the nature of colour by observing colour in its environments, colour relationships and mixing colour. The learner will be introduced to chroma, hue, tone, saturation and brillance. The learner will encounter the basics of colour perception, vision, colour constancy, simultaneous contrast and assimilation.The learner will engage with colour mixing and with the notion of additive and subtractive colour. The learner will be introduced to the principles of colour that are relevant for artists and designers.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate basic colour mixing and application.

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of colour inter-action through a series of appropriate exercises.

  3. Demonstate an ability to use found colour media to record observed colour.

  4. Explore the use of colour as a mode for personal expression.

% Coursework 100%