Reports and plans produced by the Institute

GMIT Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Revision 2013-16 (PDF, 1.13MB) / Athbhreithniú ar Phlean Straitéiseach 2013-16 (PDF, 1.05MB)
Strategic Development Plan / Plean Forbartha Straitéiseach 2010-2015 (PDF, 4.68MB)
Strategic Plan 2004-2009 (PDF, 3.16MB)   /   Plean Straitéiseach 2004-2009 (PDF, 2.29MB)

Library Strategic Plan
Library Strategic Plan 2013-2016 / Plean Straitéiseach Leabharlann 2013-2016 (PDF, 4.52MB)

Connacht-Ulster Alliance (CUA) 
Expression of Interest for Re-designation as a Technological University (PDF, 5.38MB)

GMIT Response to the HEA's Landscape Document
GMIT Response to the HEA's Landscape Document, July 2012 (PDF, 1.07MB)
Appendices (PDF, 4.73MB)
Erratum (PDF, 247KB)

GMIT Annual Reports
Annual Report / Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2015-2016 (PDF, 3.3MB)
Annual Report / Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2014-2015 (PDF, 3.6MB)
Annual Report / Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2013-2014 (PDF, 2.6MB)
Annual Report / Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2012-2013 (PDF, 3.47MB)
Annual Report / Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2011-2012 (PDF, 3.05MB)
Annual Report / Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2010-2011 (PDF, 1.05MB)
Annual Report / Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2009-2010 (PDF, 1.76MB)
Annual Report / Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2008-2009 (PDF, 5.4MB)

GMIT Scéimeanna 
Scéim Teanga 2013-2016 (PDF, 506KB)
Scéim Teanga 2005-2008 (PDF, 1.42MB)

Protected Disclosures Report
Section 22 of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 requires the publication of a report each year relating to the number of protected disclosures made in the preceding year and any actions taken in response to such disclosures.  

No protected disclosures were received by GMIT in the reporting period up to 31 August 2016.

No protected disclosures were received by GMIT in the reporting period up to 31 August 2017.

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