Community/Context-based Project


This module provides an opportunity for the students to work in a local context, or with communities on mutually beneficial projects. This will allow the students to develop functioning knowledge by participating and reflecting on the process of defining, designing, developing and implementing an art project in conjunction with a real community or context. The learner will identify and develop a research project within the community/environment of the West of Ireland, based on one of two over-arching themes: community or environment. Their task is to choose a topic which they can identify with in conjunction with the appropriate local stakeholders, and to develop a sustainable research art project through dialogue and consultation. The learner will integrate material gathered from this engagement and experience to develop the relationship on an on-going basis, and will not predetermine the outcome of this relationship.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Reflect on the experience of working in a real team to achieve a goal.

  2. Develop an awareness of the many practical, organisational and personnel challenges associated with working in a real team to achieve a goal.

  3. Demonstrate a greater understanding of his/her community's needs and experiences, history and environment.

  4. Adapt and adjust his/her subjective creative tendencies into a more synergized creative output, and manage their resources: human, time, material and financial.

  5. Use their communication/creative skills within a community setting to further enhance and deepen the relationship between art practitioner and community through negotiation and advocacy.

  6. The learner will have learned how to use art history and theory and art related materials in a wider set of principles and concepts.

  7. Document, report, present, demonstrate and communicate the end-result, including reflections and conclusions, effectively.

  8. Develop evaluation skills that are sensitive for communities and funders.

% Coursework 100%