Contemporary Art Practices Art History 1


AH1 aims to provide a foundation for learners in methods of analysis and investigation to empower further study in the discipline. The module begins with lectures on broad topics including specialist language and vocabulary, symbolism, techniques, power and patronage. It also draws the students’ attention to the meta-cognitive aspects of the discipline by considering how art historiography has been written and presented. The module continues with a chronological introduction to Western European art history with an emphasis on the cultural contexts of art production. Field trips to galleries and museums are encouraged and organized for participants. A range of audio visual materials will be presented in the lectures, with adjacent textual resources, links and activities posted on Moodle. The module aims to deepen the students’ understanding of art and their own development as artists.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise key art works of the Western canon from a range of art forms including painting, sculpture, and print.

  2. Develop their visual memory and build a framework of reference to art works.

  3. Appreciate the works of art in the context of the prevalent ideas and historic events in which they were produced.

  4. Understand and be able to utilize the language and methods of Art History5.

  5. Become familiar with important literature and learning resources of the discipline.

  6. Explore works of art through independent enquiry using a range of resources available.

  7. Be cognizant of how and why the traditional Western canon is changing.

  8. Write and present written critical reflections employing academic methods of research and citation.

% Coursework 100%