Contemporary Art Practices Contextual Studies


This module is designed to complement and build on the learning outcomes introduced in the Learning to Learn module from Year 1, but with the emphasis on setting the course in the landscape of the West of Ireland.

In this module the learner

  • Participates in a series of projects designed to reinforce and develop the key academic skills and learning strategies acquired in Year 1.
  • Investigates processes of appraisal whereby concepts and ideas are given significance and meaning in the creation of artistic statements.
  • Demonstrates a process of development through projects and active participation in group activity.
  • Develops the ability to critically self-evaluate, conclude and recommend.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an increased ability to gather reference and visual material and utilise sketches, notes etc. so as to show clearly structured development.

  2. Display improvement in awareness since previous tutorials and progress in the development of creative potential.

  3. Demonstrate a critical perspective on personal judgments and a willingness to develop fresh perspectives within specialized project work.

  4. Demonstrate effective group learning and communication skills in a variety of contexts.

  5. Explore the creative process and create artistic statements which investigate the nature of practice and skills.

% Coursework 100%