Contemporary Art Practices - Representing the West


This module will introduce the representation in visual culture of issues of landscape, identity and community in the West of Ireland. It will explore the aesthetics of the environment and the role of material culture in the evolution of the landscape, and deal with issues arising from the impact of globalisation on this complex terrain. The module aims to develop the students’ understanding of the critical issues, history and context, research skills, and delivery framework for contemporary art projects in rural contexts.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the issues behind the changing modes of representing of the West of Ireland from the 19th C to the present.

  2. Recognize and analyse key works of art that deal with the West of Ireland in their historic and ideological contexts in this period.

  3. Understand the contested nature of issues of identity, community, nation, land and power in the West of Ireland.

  4. Appreciate the relationship of the changing nature of globalisation to life in rural contexts.

  5. Be cognizant of the relationship of new technologies and materials to contemporary art production and practice in a rural setting.

  6. Write and present written critical reflections employing academic methods of research and citation.

% Coursework 100%